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Adventure Activities Kali Homestay Dandeli



Adventure Activities Kali Homestay Dandeli

Kali homestay in Dandeli is base on a great thought of exploring adventurers with a bunch of exhilarating sports and water activities So that you wish to plan your Dandeli holiday trip again and again. With a plenty of activities to do in Dandeli by kali homestay are like river rafting, kayaking, jungle safari, mountain biking and jungle trekking are some to familiarize you with the excitement that awaits in this peaceful small metropolis. Drifting of river waters describes kayaking pretty fit. Other exciting activities in Joida kali homestay are to partake at Dandeli consist of spending a night in a jungle and snoozing in a camp or going for hen looking or hiking inside the Syntheri rocks, given a wide variety of hills round in the area.


Adventure Activities Around Kali Homestay, Dandeli

Kali home-stay is located just 10 km far from Dandeli. Guest can enjoy 24 hours stay. Executive rooms gazing at the forest side. Home-stay is perfectly built to give you everlasting experience. It is truly a home away from your own. The rooms are aesthetically decorated and inbuilt restaurant which provides you excellent dishes. All rooms have attached toilet with showers.